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ISTS specializes in providing industry specific, up-to-date, taxability matrices allowing companies to make quick and accurate sales and use tax decisions when billing customers on SOFTWARE RELATED TRANSACTIONS.
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A leading provider of subscription-based sales & use tax decision-making tools for SOFTWARE RELATED TRANSACTIONS.

At ISTS, we recognize the complexities associated with administering the sales & use tax function. Charging the wrong sales tax on your products and services is inefficient and costly. Credit memos are expensive and mistakes damage customer relationships. ISTS is revolutionizing the way sales and use tax decisions are made. With our user-friendly, web based tool, your company can internally make quick and accurate taxability decisions.

Industry Expertise (Our People)
Designed by a team of tax and finance professionals, ezMATRIX was created to assist companies in making the correct taxability decisions whether invoicing customers for your company’s products and services or in accruing use tax on purchases. Our professionals come from Big 4 firms servicing the software and technology industry and understand the sales tax issues associated with SOFTWARE RELATED TRANSACTIONS. Our finance professionals have also held management and director level positions with Global Fortune 500 companies and as a result understand the importance of making accurate tax decisions.

Industry Focus (Our Expertise)
ISTS specializes in providing industry specific, up-to-date, taxability matrices allowing companies to make quick and accurate sales and use tax decisions. We understand the challenges of determining the taxability of SOFTWARE RELATED TRANSACTIONS in the many jurisdictions they do business. Our product is industry focused, taking the guesswork out of making taxability decisions. Our product empowers your accounting and finance departments with the tools necessary to make quick and accurate taxability decisions.

Up-to-Date Guidance
ISTS continually tracks and analyzes legislative, administrative and judicial changes that impact SOFTWARE RELATED TRANSACTIONS. Our products are updated frequently giving you access to the latest sales & use tax provisions impacting your business.

Support & Training
At ISTS, we want you to get the most out of your subscription. We offer a free, live, webcast session as part of your subscription. In addition to training on our products, ISTS can provide on-site sales and use tax training for your staff. Programs can be customized to meet your training needs and most programs qualify for CPE credits. Our lead instructor is a tax attorney and CPA, specializing in state and local taxation with over 18 years of relevant tax experience, both Big 4 and corporate. In addition, to practical experience, our lead instructor teaches graduate level tax courses and is a frequent national speaker for a number of professional organizations including COST, ABA, IPT and TEI.

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